Meet the Creative Feds

The documentary film explores the lives of federal employees who work for the federal government by focusing on two stories:

Meet Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson commutes to the office.He may look like the ultimate Washington bureaucrat with his suit, tie, and briefcase as he walks from the Metro station to his office at the Export-Import Bank where he works in procurement . But this buttoned-down work persona gets turned on its head after hours  when Mark plays piano in the backup band of a bouffanted 60’s girl group cover band The Fabulettes. Whether playing gigs, teaching dance lessons, acting, or expressing himself through clothes, cars and furnishings which seem more Mad Men than House of Cards, Mark has found a way to balance his work and creative lives.

Meet Jennifer Cutting
Jeniffer-PlayingShe spends her days at the Library of Congress where she helps researchers navigate through records of American folklife. She spends nights and weekends composing music an
managing OCEAN, a contemporary Celtic fusion folk band which as won accolades on the regional and national music scene, including winning Washington Area Music Awards, broadcast on NPR’s Mountain Radio, and playing at major folk festivals and venues. Growing up a family of eccentric musicians and performance artists against the backdrop of beat poetry, dashikis, and ashrams, Jennifer, in many ways, rebelled against her hippie upbringing by going after a federal career to balance with her own musical career. Instead she found a symbiosis between her two avocations.

Meet More Creative Feds and Share Your Own Story
Mark and Jennifer’s stories are only two of many we have encountered while producing this project. We have created a Creative Fed Gallery on this website.
Check it out and consider sharing your own story.