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Meet Supernumerary and DoD Employee Timothy Keefe

As a sidebar to the documentary film, we are featuring web profiles of federal employees who also do something creative on the side.  Meet  DoD employee and opera supernumerary Timothy Keefe.

Where do you work?
I work for the Department of Defense as an IT project manager for a large cloud initiative underway.  I’ve been with the agency for five years and have done customer engagement, policy, troublehshooting and budgeting.  Never a dull moment with IT, and especially in what we do day in and day out to keep the infrastructure running smoothly to achieve our goals.

From the Washington National Opera's 2013 production of Puccini's '"Manon Lescaut."
From the Washington National Opera’s 2013 production of Puccini’s ‘”Manon Lescaut.”

What is your creative outlet?
I’m supernumerary for the Washington National Opera. The term refers to someone in a stage production who fills out the scene, much like an extra does in a movie. I’ve been in five productions so far and have played soldiers, servants, and part of the maddening crowd.

Do you consider this a hobby or a second career?
This is my hobby, though we supers are paid for our time and efforts in both rehearsals and the actual performances.  It’s not much, so I’m not about to quit my day job just yet.

Why is your creative outlet important to you?
It fulfills a dream I had many years ago when I talked with a few supernumeraries who worked with the Toledo Opera when I was living in Ohio. My outlet allows me to indulge, in a different sense, my long-standing love of classical music, especially since I’ve become more interested in opera in the past few years. It’s also become a social outlet since I’m quite busy with work and other commitments that I don’t have the time to pursue friendships more conventionally.

How do you feel your creative outlet contributes to your federal work and vice versa?My outlet contributes to my Fed work because it allows me take a break from thinking about IT all day and just be part of the scenery, both figuratively and literally.  It also, at times, gets the creative juices flowing for what I do on the job.

If you are an employee of the federal government but spend your evenings or weekends doing something something creative (whether as a second career or as a strong hobby) and would like to be featured on our Meet the Creatives section of this website, tell us a little bit about your story.